My grandmother once shared with me a thought: "With only twelve different notes on the keyboard, isn't it amazing how so many different songs can been written!". Just as our twenty-six lettered alphabet is the basis of countless written texts, it amazes me to think that the mechanics of rearranging notes can produce such contrasting music.


I love finding the perfect poetic phrase and the "sweet" note that just melds into the harmony. I am a fan of using minor 6th intervals and major 7th chords. I like to experiment with the timbres and textures of my paper strip music box and vocal loop pedal. I am inspired by artists who write beautiful words and interesting melodies and those who do not necessarily follow the formula, but create their own. 



"Jade Lumbewe is a tremendous songwriter; her compositions are sophisticated and reminiscent of the best of Joni Mitchell meets Stephen Sondheim. A stylish vocalist, her performance is always compelling and engaging."

Craig Scott (bassist and Head of Jazz, Sydney Conservatorium of Music)


“Lumbewe’s original music, reminiscent of a jazz inspired Fiona Apple, has sophistication beyond her years.”

- Drum Media (Sydney music magazine, March 2008) 





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