"Jade is a dynamic and talented singing teacher and jazz musician. From our first lesson, she established rapport with me easily and ascertained how I could improve my voice projection and expression. In a matter of weeks, the sounds and tones that I produced improved greatly and there is now a richer quality to my performance style.


Jade's great at letting me know tricks of the trade and handy hints to help improve my performance technique. I enjoy our lessons and walk away at the end of each session with a higher level of knowledge, confidence, and motivation to practice! I thoroughly recommend her services."

- Erica Ferguson



"Jade is a fantastic teacher who taught me so many new skills during our lessons. She challenged me in the way I interpreted songs by doing 'story maps' from the lyrics. This enabled me to really think about what I was conveying about the song when I performed. Jade also introduced me into the wonderful world of jazz, a style I had not yet attempted which completely broadened my ability. The songs we worked were complex in pitch and rhythm, challenging my skills and allowing me to learn. I also learnt how to improvise with scatting, something that had previously frightened me in performing. 


Jade helped me to develop my four songs for my HSC performances, went out of her way to provide me with extra knowledge and ideas for the songs, and pushed me to my best ability. Jade also made each lesson enjoyable and I thoroughly loved working with her!"

- Hannah Leary



"Jade is a great vocal teacher who had taught me all I know about controlled singing and story singing. She is very talented and has great methods of teaching things such as pitch and melodic tunes. I enjoyed my time with her during the 1 hour music lessons I took through school.


As a student of hers I have grown to appreciate and love the art of music. I hope hat one day I shall become as knowledgeable and talented as her. Please choose her as your teacher, I strongly believe that you will learn and benefit in many ways just like I did."

- Brandon Pias

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